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Have you heard of CoolBlog? Err, neither have us. Anyway, we happen to check it out. Blended ice with different toppings are the culture of cool cool drinks among the Gen-Y lately. Not only it tastes so good, it cools you down especially during the day where nothing really beats the sun. 


It is at the lobby of Lead View Hotel, next to Billion Shopping Seri Manjung. Decorated mostly in pink and red, it grabs attraction and promises cooling solution to the thirst and heat that afternoon. 



To be honest, being first time, I was at lost on the choices available. My partner faced the same difficulties. The franchisee happened to be around and came to help. We were recommended to have the followings. Sorry, we did not remember the exact names but Oreo was definately there. Green Tea too. Chocolate? Oh yes yes yes.


We grabbed our drinks and glup glup glup.... no more detailed pix, sorry!

As we went into cooling refreshing mode, we noticed there are 130 branches all over Malaysia. Correction, 150 outlets now according to the franchisee.


Even Saudi wants CoolBlog! The camels would definately loved them!


KC says...

Despite abundant of choices of flavour, I know what I want. Oreo! Oreo! To date, there are already 150 outlets. Bear in mind, this is not those cheap franchisee that you come across most of the time. A similar simple ssetup as such requires a minimum of RM100K. Therefore, the quality and control is within the required level. We will try to search and compare another similar outlet to justify the facts.


Alann says...

Reward and pamper yourself for once, get one of these cooling sensation blended stuff - nothing beats a cooling thrill under the hot blazing sun weather right here in Manjung!


Miyuki says...

What I love is the green tea blended ice. Simply refreshing and nourishing. Most importantly, it is affordable. Check this place out!


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