Damar Laut - the little jetty across Lumut

Off we drove via Segari road to Damar Laut. To our surprise, the journey was a dream come true for natural photographer enthusiasts. Plenty of greeny and winding stretch of road. Keep the windows down, feel the natural cooling breeze. At times, it was like driving to Fraser Hill, sans the hill climb. 



Enthusiasts and drifters would love these roads...


And don't miss this contrast looking hill slopes...


After about 6kms from the junction of Jalan Changkat Keruing-Lumut (Segari), we finally saw this end of road signage. Yes, the end of road. Only a car could be seen parked at the jetty. Quiet jetty awaiting us to explore.



The jetty is 1000ft long and 8ft wide. Phew... it was going to be a long walk. Stainless steel bars prison look gave us a cold feel, no one was to be seen around. Pirates? Nay... watched too much movies...


Wow! Walking on water..err, reality check, walking on the jetty. 
Both left and right view are just the same. Check!



I wanted to make a turnaround, looking back.


We are supposed to complete the entire walk and to take photos. No regrets. 


Yes, we were at mid-way of the entire jetty. 500ft more to walk.


We could see light at the end of the tunnel.. err, I mean the end of the jetty.


The image was getting bigger as the end of jetty draws closer.


Finally, we managed to reach the platform at the end of the jetty. 100ft long, it felt like a mini performance platform floating on the sea. Mike please, ahem ahem. Back to reality, Lumut jetty was right infront, not too distant away.


We have no laser measurement tools but to rely on shouting on top of our lungs to fellows at the opposite Lumut jetty. By measuring the time for our voice to travel across, we conclude that the distance is far enough to get any favaourable reply! Nothing scientific but to get across, one should get a boat. Ha! 


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