Hailam Village Seafood

This 6 year old restaurant passed our acid test :: RM 45 for 3pax!

Located a little off the main road, 100m away from the intersection of Segari / Kg Acheh. When we arrvied, there were not many patrons as lunch hour has way passed. 



We were friendly greeted and brought to an air-cond modest dining hall. We appreaciate the change of temperature as the outside weather was humid. Do note that until then, no one knew our intention. Waitress came and we told her to give us the menu. The moment she took note our RM40 budget acid test, she quickly called upon her boss.


A young guy in his late twenties, he who happens to be the chef came and understood our intentions. He recommended RM45 would be ideal for 3pax as a pot of complimentary chinese tea was thrown in.


Yes, we also noticed the ever popular Kg Koh Garlic Chili Sauce!


We reminded the chef @ boss not to cook extra or give special treatment as we would this to be the normal dish to be sold for next oncoming patrons. And within minutes, here is our first dish.



Lala (clamps) served in soup, super-tasty when it's hot!

Second dish, juicy meat - blackpepper deep fried meat


 Here comes the third dish, Signature Beancurd


And lastly, the fourth dish Fried Sliced bittergourd with salted egg


All the dishes awaiting to be photographed. (while swallowing saliva)


We are not taste-buds experts but for RM45, this is great value with good quality food, plus cooling environment. Within minutes, our hungry like wolves nature took over.


Before we knew it, two bowls of additional rice, all that left to be captured were only empty plates and bowls.


RM45 well spent... blurrrp!

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