Marina Island - a quick drive-thru ride

About 700m after the intersection to Teluk Batik, here we are at the Main Entrance guardhouse of Marina Island.


As we slowed down, we noticed that there was no security at guard. We whizzed through happily. Perhaps the guard house is there for picture taking? Hmm... 


No security guards means total freedom to take photos. We pulled to the road side on the bridge to capture this architecture piece. Ended up being honked from behind. Oh, there is actually a No Parking signage in front! Arghh..



After the bridge, there is this little roundabout. We followed the crowd by taking a turn at 3 o'clock. Most shoplots are still empty. This place is quiet and newly developed. It should be populated soon.


Not far upfront, the jetty building is in view. Lots of cars parked neatly at the designated parking space.


Most of the tourist must have gone over to Pangkor Island. Fancy one of these ?


Since this is a quick drive-thru, we manage to snap the unique lamp posts along our way out of the Marina Island.


We strongly believe the view would have been more magnificient during the night. Not to mention the fact that the above pictures were taken at super-amateur level with a super-duper cheap mobile phone from inside tthe car. We will make a comeback for a more detailed walk-around trip!

We also notice Mr Cendol, Secret Recipe and a few souvenier outlets at the jetty. Will check them out!



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