Pangkor Island - here we come!

It's a hot day! And it's not a holiday! Oh boy! 

We arrived at the Marina Jetty Complex at 2.55pm. Rush, rush... parking space is abundant.


Bought our tickets RM10 per person, luggage does not cost extra. One need to produce a Membership Card, easily available for RM10 per year (family based card - where a card is required to purchase several tickets). Yes, RM10 per round trip. The ticketing officer radioed the ferry to wait for us as the time was showing 3.00pm. We had to make a run (a walking stunt with few hops) as we do intend to wait for another hour for the next available ferry.


The ferry operator must be amazed how we could run ( again is an art of hopping while walking ) with all the gadgets that we took along. Anyway, we managed to catch the ferry and relaxed for a 10 minute journey. The ferry delayed 5 minutes from schedule, due to our sudden appearance. Apologies to those who were on the ferry. 


Fully air-conditioned ferry with nothing fancy on board. Clean and cooling. No big LEDs, no 7.1 surround sound system. Anyhow, life jackets are plastic wrapped, new and unused. Of course, no intension to try them out, not this time. Exactly, 3.15pm, we arrived at Pangkor Jetty. Bye-bye relax cooling cabin, welcome hot sunny sweat humid walk again!


One last look at the cozy ferry and the ultimate jetty walk. Only a few hundred metres but feels like a mile!


I lost count of my steps but all of us agreed that the steps were more than a thousand steps. Of course, taking count of all our steps combined. 


Yea, Selamat Datang ke Pulau Pangkor! 


And we are walking towards Pangkor Island, as the Jeti Pangkor signage turns bigger. 


Pangkor Kopitiam - just besides the jetty. Too early for coffee!


We like pink panther but personally, I never fancy pink vans. Anyway, we did not get any of these as we are supposed to walk to Main Road, which is only a stone's away.


Right ahead is the grand fire station of Pangkor. We checked our gadgets and began our mission - Main Road Pangkor Island.... what a hot day to endure....


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