Roti Canai @ Kg Sitiawan

Roti Canai - so tasty, crispy and well known for the past 22 years, right here at Kg Sitiawan. We started empty stomach this morning, all the way from Ipoh and arrived at Sitiawan by almost 10am. It was drizzling and typical roti canai with teh tarik illusions keep appearing over our heads.


This signage made me hungrier as we are just about a km away. Quick! Hit that gas pedal dude! Breakfast is way overdue! 


Parking is not available, not anywhere I could find one empty space.


Timing was just perfect. Someone was reversing and we quickly parked. I noticed everyone there was curious to see us, or was it the empty stomach noise alerted them? 



This wooden structure with concrete flooring is built by the Kg Sitiawan river bank. Without any further delay, orders were made for Roti Telur and teh tarik. Within minutes, tadaa...



Only fish curry is available. Fresh and soft, simply tasty even without the curry!


Enjoy the natural beauty of the river and surroundings. Total different than having roti canai within a concrete hall, buses and lorries honking away. No fumes, no dust. Just pure serene.


Wanted to test whether fishes fancy some roti, but was not able to at all. There was just not enough of it for us anyway. Simply too tasty, beyond the normal roti canai that we used to have in concrete settings! 


The sifoo - professional roti canai maker - claims at peak hours, he needs to maintain production of 5pcs per minute, which churns out 300pcs an hour. This is true as on Saturdays and Sundays, the lady boss claims 1200pcs are being sold during the first four hours of operation, starting as early as 6.30am! Simply amazing! 


We had an hour free interview with the lady boss who is very humble and friendly, declined to be pictured and shared her experience for the past 22 years! Her customers come from all walks of life, all races and her roti actually being self exported to overseas! 

More info of this Roti Canai discovery story here.


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