Strawberry Cake & Cafe Try Out

Strawberry Cake & Cafe came into our radar via FB. We love good food and we don't mind going out to test good food. Sharp by 20:00hrs, we arrived at location.


First impression, everything we could see, touch and feel was new and clean. Green - one of the main colour against white - gave us a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 



Kelly, the lady boss came and recommended a few signature dishes for us to try, making sure we were able to take hot curry. Dishes that we ordered tasted above our expectations.


Caseyy loved the chicken meat while I was amazed with a simple Hainan fried rice turned out to be so tasty. Miyuki had her tom yam and we agreed the tom yam soup was well prepared. My yam milk shake tasted just right, not too sweet. Caseyy had banana juice all to himself! He quoted it tasted exactly like banana! Miyuki had this strawberry blended ice-cream.


We were being told that they ran out of strawberries toppings. Nevermind the fact, this bowl of strawberry blended sans the actual strawberry was shared among three of us while the boss Jason, came to us sharing his vision of the setup.

We were very pleased to announce the outlet is HALAL certified. 


The origins of this outlet can be traced back to Jason's father over the years of operation. Recently, renovated at the end of last year, now they cater for 1Malaysia appetite at affordable price. Yes, they have another branch at Medan Sejahtera @ Econsave area, operated by his sister.

Jason did mention about future upgrading to have background music in the cafe as well. Delighted to know an entrepreneur that has passion in his business. 

For those budget conscious out there, we spent RM46.80 for all the above - 3 dishes including chicken steak and 3 seperate drinks - milk shake and blended. Total great value! 

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