Who We Are

iManjung.my is the largest online portal in Manjung, Perak, Malaysia.

iManjung.my is all about Manjung itself. Ultimate vision is to allow maximum exposure to all business registered in Manjung. With more than 200,000 hits a month, visitors including those who are not from Manjung enjoys the conveniency and comprehensive coverage of products and services within Manjung within fingertips. SMEs are given FREE webspace to showcase their products and services all under iManjung.my

Who We Are

iManjung.my is a baby project of 2day2moro Sdn Bhd, a web based establishment based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with R&D incubator centre at Perak Techno Trade Centre - MSC Cyber Centre @ Meru Raya.

Soon to be opened would be iManjung.my Service Hub at Sitiawan - a bungalow SOHO situated next to Astaka airfield, RM1.8m to accomodate the needs of iManjung.my operation and deployment.

Mini Service Centre to cater Pangkor region would be setup soon thereafter.

Free Website Entitlement

FREE website is given to any official business registered address in Manjung, bearing a SSM company ROB/ROC registration number.


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