Why is iManjung.my FREE of charge?

iManjung.my is sponsored by a group of communities in Manjung itself. Ultimate vision is to have business entities in Manjung step up and gain more marketing exposure and in support of Visit Perak Visit Manjung.


That's great. Is this FREE for life?

The sponsorship is to encourage all business entities to have an easy FREE entry and valid for the next minimum of twelve calendar months. NGOs and multi national companies are seeding in monthly to allow continuous sponsorship for existing and new merchants. iManjung is a win-win platform for both corporate and consumer world, a portal bringing mutual benefits to all.


Upon end of the next 12 months, do I need to pay?

For the first twelve calendar months of sponsorship, you enjoy the benefits of FREE online awareness and marketing for your business entity. Should you want to continue thereafter, a minimum contract of RM10 per month for 6 months is available for subscription, ie RM60 for 6 months. This amount is a subsidized amount as we are aware that any web related domain easily costs hundreds and thousands in comparison.


I'm convinced, am I entitled to join iManjung.my?

Free sponsorship and subsidized are ONLY OPEN to merchants who are having registered address in Manjung district. That means addresses in Manjung, Sitiawan, Ayer Tawar, Pulau Pangkor, Kampung Acheh, Kg Koh and Lumut. Other towns including Pantai Remis, Segari, Beruas, Lekir are in Phase II.


Wait, I already have my own website, how then?

No worries, as long as you are entitled, free website from iManjung is given to you. Everyone wants to have a place in iManjung as it is expected to have expected 200,000 hits a month initially and more than 1 million hits by year end. Imagine the exposure of your business entity to the marketing world.


Can I have link to my current website?

Of course, we can divert the traffic to your personal dedicated existing website for you to maximise your business exposure. There will be a one-lifetime admin charge of RM10. Yes, only RM10!


Who will visit iManjung?

Who wouldn't? iManjung is the ultimate portal for all types of information on shopping, food, accomodation, services, banking, education, classifieds and community services. Imagine, information about getting a car battery replacement, getting a hair-do, favour a local delicacy cendol drink, in need of rental of bikes, exact location of Automated Teller machine are among the most wanted searches from those who are going to visit Manjung and served as daily guides for the folks who are residing in Manjung. Best price and best service promotion are all consolidated here in iManjung - making shopping decisions a step smarter!

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